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(012) Rotary Arch
Acoustic and adsorption properties of submerged wood.
Alex Wood and his team
Determination of density and moisture content of wood using Terahertz time domain spectroscopy.
Determination of the origin of birefringence in wood at terahertz frequencies.
Probing the potential applications of terahertz radiation in wood products
Centennial Queen Mrs. Alex Wood with Bernice Williamson and Donna Stepp
Gyetim Gan: faces in the forest
Evaluating lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) affected by mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) for development of wood-cement board.
Exploring a new service model for supplying specialty chemicals
It's complicated: staff nurse perceptions of their influence on nursing students' learning
Modelling heat transfer in the conditioning process used in plywood manufacturing.
Treatment of organic pollutants from pulp mill wastewaters using Fenton's oxidation process.
Use of pulp and paper sludge to improve performance of topsoil layer in a landfill capping system.
Adults experiencing mental health and addiction in Prince George
Ash management at Canfor Pulp - turning a waste product into a profit stream
Log quality characteristics of mountain pine beetle killed lodgepole pine trees from southern interior British Columbia for board processing.
Community (The Three Graces)
Engaging success: a qualitative analysis of the prospective benefits of implementing gainsharing in British Columbia's pulp and paper industry