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Adolescent appraisals and coping strategies during a stressful exam.
An analysis of popular mainstream feminist writers and the "crisis" within feminism
Annual report 1997-1998
Assessment of a health program database: the British Columbia pregnancy outreach program
Beneath the waters: a microhistory of Ootsa Lake, a northern Eurocanadian community
Bill C-12 Employment Insurance Act : reduced benefits and diminished entitlements of the workforce in non-standard forms of employment
Calendar 1998-1999
Canopy research in north-central British Columbia: an exploration of lichen communities
Characterization and seasonal ecology of ectomycorrhizae associated with Sitka alder and lodgepole pine from naturally regeneraing young and mature spruce forests in the sub-boreal spruce zone of British Columbia
Characterization and source apportionment of particulate matter less than 10 microns in diameter in the Prince George airshed
The children of Fairbridge: insights for child welfare practice
The circumstances and impact of powerlessness in psychiatric nursing.
Come hell and high water: the relocation of the Cheslatta First Nation
Community work and government: terms of opposition?
Constructing abuse: the experiences of mothers and court ordered child custody and access assessments
The construction of cyborg bodies: fact, fantasy and the cyborg continuum
Continuing and discontinuing home schooling:  Meeting the needs of children.
Developing a cost-effective analysis of anastrozole and megestrol acetate for the palliative treatment of breast cancer
The development and validation of the modern homonegativity scale (MHS)
Do fences make good neighbours: the influence of territoriality in state-Sami relations