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Achieving greater academic success: engaging students by providing feedback and summative grades for note taking
Addressing professional suitability in social work education
Adults Living with Type 1 Diabetes, Reflections of their Youth: A Phenomenological Study.
Agency costs of multiple directorships: Toronto Stock Exchange - 2007-2008
Anglophone Canadian-born working-class women in eldercare
Animating the frenzy of the possible via Internet collaboration and the Super Mario afterlife
Annual report 2009-2010
The ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) communities of the central interior of British Columbia: Adaptations to a temperature-constrained environment.
Appropriate use of galactagogues: a guide for nurse practitioners in primary care
Are renewable energy (green) companies outperforming non-green companies?
Assessing the efficacy of buffer strips in sustaining bryophyte diversity in montane Forests in the British Columbia Interior
Assessment of perceived functional capacity: Using Rasch analysis to evaluate the measurement properties of four perceived pain & disability scales.
Baggage Series
A balanced scorecard approach to fibre supply for Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership
Bedlam (Riverview Hospital Story Project: Part Two)
A better understanding of how to become a lawyer in Canada: regulations and implementation
Beyond 'La baguette et le fromage': Studying minority francophone culture and community in western Canada.
Breaking copper: Legislating the repatriation of First Nations cultural property to restore self-determination and promote reconciliation.
Bridges in Mathematics: small successes of some struggling math students
British Columbia's coroner system: a model for public governance