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Aina Tuomi in her vegetable garden at Cambie
Alli Luoma blocks doorway in a game with her father, Jacob
Alver Holm splitting wood the easy way
Andy Rauma clearing land with a horse
Annie and Harry Kelley on their 50th wedding anniversary
Arch Villa Resort
Bank of Montreal staff
Bill Hollett with dog, "Buster"
Bird Realty and the building inspector offices of Main Street
Boat near log boom is the M.P.F. by Silver Sands north of C.P.R. Bridge
Bob McClelland, Provincial Minister, and MLA Cliff Michael plant a maple tree on the newly acquired beach park
Bramble family
Bramble family in front of their home
Bridge construction
Brownie Leader Eleanor Edes with the Queen
Cambie Hall gathering
Cambie School Picnic
Cambie School students
Cambie School students
Cambie School students