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Bal de Montmartre, brochure
Costumes from Beaux Arts Ball, when we were six, 1955.
Fiesta of the Insects Beaux Arts Ball, February 25, 1949, brochure
Les Anthropomorphic Beaux Arts Ball, 1985, invitation
Night of the Golden Crocodile, 11th Beaux Arts Ball, brochure
Night of the Golden Crocodile Beaux Arts Ball, 1959, programme
North Building Granville Island campus site prior to renovation, circa 1970s.
North Building under renovation, Granville Island campus, 1978.
Rain Beaux Arts Ball, April 2 1976, programme
Rain Beaux Arts Ball, April 3, 1976, admission ticket 0072
Students work in studio, VSB design M series, 1963.
Under the Sea Beaux Arts Ball, brochure