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Basil Hartley
Basil Hartley's car
Basil Hartley's cars on a snowy road
Bill Cormack family with a boat on a trailer
Car stuck in snow
Cars in July 1st parade
Cars in July 1st parade
Charles and Maud Hoover and the Overland Car with two seats
Cousins' remodeled tour car
Danny Cousins with 1912 Studebacker
Ed and Jean Mack out for a drive
Ed and Jean Mack's new car
Ed Mack filling the radiator in the Ford touring car
Edgar Abbott and family in early car
Fay in front of Basil Hartley's car
First car for Consolidated School nurse
Fred Graham in hand built automobile
George Smith's first car with passengers
Group of soldiers pose with Model T
Group posing with 1923 or '24 ford in Cambie