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Allegory on the dangers of desire
Baudelaire de profil en chapeau I; 2nd state
Braque Graveur [Exhibition at Berggruen & Cie]
Cain and Abel
Chenes de roches; 3rd state
Cheval Cauchois, No, 4
Clair de lune à Valmondois
Dreaming of the sea
Estampes Livres
Etude de femme
Femme nue couchée (tournée a droite)
Fire dancers
From the series Dents de lait, Dents de loup.
From the series Dents de lait, Dents de loup; Sheep Skull
From the series The Temptation of Saint Anthony, Plate 3
From the series Voyage en bâteau; "Le Bâteau Atelier"
Geometric Abstraction