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(003) Mrs. Rose (Schubert) Swanson
(056) Rogers family
(079) Sicamous Girl Guides
(114) Bulman homestead
(211) Bank
(262) Rowan Gulch
(267) Summit Lake, Cariboo Valley
(272) Pack train
"A" event Kamloops
A.A.A.A. Chevrolet team, 1932-1933 Okanagan Valley hockey champions
Ada Mellish with Tom, Agnes, Olive and Audrey Clinton and two unknowns
A.E. Sage with Dr. P. Van Kleeck and son Doug
A.E. Warner family in front of home on Patterson Ave.
Aldworth, Ecclestone and three Cuthberts at Mabel Lake
Alfred Town's family
Annie Rokosh, Doreen MacPherson, May Rokosh, and John Rokosh
Annie, Ruth and Hazel Lockhart
Archie, William Joseph and Jack Smith
Armstrong Bicycle Club
Armstrong boys with 172nd Rocky Mountain Rangers Battalion, Vernon Camp