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Basil Hartley's truck with a load of equipment
Cecil Keddy with a load of Lumber from Enquist's mill
Charlie Bubar during logging of Bubar property on Mara Lake
Clarence Martin's trucked loaded for the ride up the mountain
Corn harvest on the Enquist farm
Crew reloading lumber after truck is tipped by load
E.E. Gill truck with passengers
Flatbed truck in front of White and Thornwaite Trucking building
Giant's Head school bus]
John Graham in front of a logging truck
Logging truck
Man in a logging truck
Man in front of a logging truck
Martha Pehota with truck in spring, Hullcar
Men posing with logging truck
One of many mishaps on Highway 97A
Ross Graham in 1936 Ford truck hauling hand hewn ties
Ross Graham 's truck loaded with ties in front Finlayson's Garage
Ross Graham's truck and trailer
Shuswap Ferry Service pouring cement for log boom anchor at Old Town