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"A little bit of weight is taken off":  A phenomenological study of Celtic folk dance as a stress management strategy for women in midlife.
“Little Bridges” city school case study
Mechanical impacts analysis in judoists body of different weight categories
Healthy Heroes: Promoting Healthy Behaviour Change for Weight-Related Body Issues in Canadian Families
The Little Model
Whose land is it anyway?
Marpole is a Quiet Little Area - Interview with Bruce Gregg
'The first rip off'
Revisiting the conditional sentence of imprisonment after 20 years:  Is community custody now an endangered species?
Is resource extraction a curse or a bonanza for local communities? Mining case study: Quiruvilca, Peru
Seasons of a river
Approximating the rank of a homomorphism using a Prolog based system
Little boats and big concerns? Seeking a balance between ecotourism and motorboat use in Tortuguero, Costa Rica.
Nihl Adagwiy T'gun Adaawaks GalksiGabin (Here Is the Story of GalksiGabin): A modern auto-ethnography of a Nisga'a man.
Little feminist zine: Issue 2 (Pandemic edition)
Going dark : what are the consequences of losing off-campus access to library resources?
Selection Criteria for Using Commercial Off the Shelf Games (COTS) for Learning
Zine is believing: The personal growth of five contributors to a youth magazine.
A phonology of Stau
Drum Dancer with Boot Off
Come together for pension justice
Little feminist zine: Issue 1 (Pandemic edition)
Weight cutting in mixed martial arts
Effect of imagery on force output in a deadlift
Project's PR office a bit early
“Indeed, He is coming with the clouds” A study of Revelation 1:7-8 as the multivalent thematic statement of the Apocalypse
(058) The hostess of Little River, ca. 1944
"With a connection to the land, our spirit is strong" Tlicho traditional knowledge of climate change and impacts for caribou hunting: implication for traditional knowledge research
Being a mental health nurse with a mental illness
Pornography, panopticism and gender: off-scene masculinities in The Pornographer's Poem
Is the provincial fair share funding for the northeast region communities in BC fair or not?
Is portfolio rebalancing good for investors?
Forgotten people, A
Unit rate contracts: is it a model for oil sands projects?
Shared parenting after separation: A male perspective.
Cariboo: A novel.
A Hyperlocal Manifesto
Is there a place for artificial hydration in end of life care
Is Canada a middle power?: an empirical test of the middle power debate
Conceptions of health: A cross-cultural comparison.
Out of here: Exploring locally regulated difference in contemporary novels of adolescence.
A portrait of a man taken inside a house, he is wearing a suit, [Alberta].  Note on the back reads: ""Dad"".
Off track to 2050?: a study of present and future interurban transportation emissions in British Columbia, Canada, relative to its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act of 2007
Play is the Beginning of Knowledge
A Spatial Analysis of the Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Infrastructure on Farmland in the Peace River Valley of British Columbia
Professional Development of Nursing Leaders: A Case Study of Canadian Nurses
Deadlands girl : a modern fairy tale
(266a) Cariboo cooling off, ca. 1944
"The drug is not the problem" :  the perceptions of those who have experienced substance addiction on Canadian drug policy