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Beneath the waters: a microhistory of Ootsa Lake, a northern Eurocanadian community
The shapeliest legs under the council table: Defining the feminist influence on women in British Columbia municipal politics, 1950--1980.
Towards their own identity: Persons with disabilities in English Canadian fiction.
The children of Fairbridge: insights for child welfare practice
Yamato nadeshiko in Canada:  Experiences of Japanese immigrant women, 1868--1941.
Negotiating the production of space in Tl'azt'en Territory, 1969-1984
Brown Sheep, Brown Landscape:  Australia as I Remember It.
Divergent voices: Reflections on Vietnamese women's wartime and postwar stories.
Historical migration patterns in the Upper Fraser region, British Columbia.
Where the shadows lie:  Nature, modernity and the audience of Middle-earth.