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(132) Malakwa War Memorial
(176) Schubert Memorial
(319) Vernon War Memorial
(378) Peachland War Memorial
(391) War Memorial
Catherine Schubert Memorial
Peachland War Memorial: original setting
War Memorial Cenotaph
(002) McIntosh Lookout
(014) Kamloops War Memorial
Drinking fountain and Scott memorial in Lower Summerland
Kiwanis marker at the Canada - U.S. Border
Unveiling of Catherine Schubert memorial
(086) Capt. Smith monument at The Narrows
(125) Last Spike Monument
(193) Lavington War Memorial
Babe Kruger and Will Haynes unveil the Customs cairn
Detail of the inscription on the Osoyoos Custom House cairn
Ed Lacey, Will (?) and Frank McDonald at the Osoyoos Custom House cairn