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Group photograph of No. 2 Platoon, Forestry draft, Kamloops
Damaged railroad locomotive after crash at Sweet's Bridge
Bringing back the catch
Frosty's on the highway, ca. 1965
  Suaeda calaeoliformis  (White Sea-blite)
Late registration for students
  Danthonia californica  (California Oat Grass)
Graduation presentation
Ground breaking for Bosa Film Centre
  Najas flexilis ()
Captain James C. Dun-Waters presenting gift to Mat. Hassen for 25 years of service to Interior Provincial Exhibition
The Image of Life
Everywhere I Go, I'm a Tourist
Midway looking south over the Columbia & Western station, ca. 1908
A.M.G. [Arthur Melville Goulding]
Girl, ca. 1908-1914
Don Owens, K.V.R. telegraph operator
Stanley and Charlie Botting in uniform, ca. 1915
H. Turner leading Falkland Stampede parade
Main Street, Keremeos, B.C.
Planting potatoes
Sicamous building, ca. 1980
Scott Darkis shoeing a horse, ca. 1912
Bassett House rebuild
Walk, Walk, Shuffle by Norma
Paul Terbasket
Unidentified railway station
Flood on Green Road and McLean - McPherson Road
Marina in Sicamous Narrows
Bertha, Frances Finucane
Road work after Swansea Point flood
Children at Consolidated School, ca. 1930
Patten family group photograph, ca. 1905
"Harry" - Chinese gardener
Mat. Hassen in announcing booth at Interior Provincial Exhibition
Armstrong field hockey game, ca. 1914
Two women on the porch of Chapple home
John Thompson, ca. 1915
Armstrong High School ice hockey team, 1921-1922
School students - Grade 4?, Div 8, ca. 1929
  Taraxacum officinalis  (Common Dandelion)
  Iris setosa (Labrador Iris)
  Ceratophyllum demersum (Hornwort)
The Granby Mines, Phoenix, B.C., ca. 1916
Building an ocean liner, Belfast, Ireland
Lance Corporal Keyworth at the German Trench
Okanagan Falls flood scene
Merchantman against submarine [Salluni?] Father + Son on [Endge?]
Renovations to Princeton Post Office