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Alternative Workspaces: Changing Where + How People Work
Curator as Lead Artist
Democratizing Software Design Through Functional Individualization of Creative Software
Designing for Mindful Reflection: an Intertwined Vision of Design Practice and Everyday Life
Designing games for teaching typography
Drawing as Practice: the Past as Potential
Every 1 Welcome : Using language and story to shift perceptions around the type 1 diabetes community
Learning to Play Again: Playground Designs that Create Opportunities for Spontaneous and Unstructured Play
Living Organisms for Living Spaces
Memory Trace
Moist, Mucous, Membrane: Insight on Painting, Objects and Identity
Reforming IKEA: Do-it-Yourself Projects and Everyday Objects in Disposable Culture
Sensory Cards: Fostering Empathy and Connection within Community Groups
When Nature Hacks Design