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The 1846 Repeal of the Corn Laws: Insights from a Classification Tree Approach
Accounting is About More than Just Numbers… it’s About Making Better Decisions - Ron Messer (School of Business)
Creating a Mindful World - One Place at a Time, One Mind at a Time - Kathrin Arcari (Psychology, Faculty of Arts)
Finnish Nominal Ideophones as Evaluatives
Gang Prevention : A Parent’s Quick Reference Guide
Hearing the Voices of the People - Kamala Nayar (Faculty of Arts, Asian Studies)
Imaging the Moon II : Webcam CCD Observations and Analysis (a Two-Week Lab for Non-Majors)
Institute for Sustainable Food Systems
Katie Warfield
Making selfies / Making self, research project - Katie Warfield (Faculty of Arts, Journalism and Communication)
Predicting from Spatial Data & Statistics - Stephen Peplow (School of Business, Business and Quantitative Methods)
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of - Calvin Tiu (Faculty of Arts, English Literature)
Under-City - Connor Doyle (Faculty of Arts, English Literature and Creative Writing)
Visual Media Workshop - Katie Warfield, Aaron Goodman, Chad Skelton (Faculty of Arts, Journalism and Communication)