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1, 2 and 3 weighed 3 oz. and 2 measured ? 1/2 inches
1st Canadian National Apple Show
A. Baule
Above the Clouds at Nickel Plate Mine
Ada Kirby with children Louise, Rita, Mildred & Violet
Alice Curr
Antoine 'Crooked Mouth' Pierre
Apple trees in Richter's orchard
Armstrong brothers
Artillery piece on parade float
Ashnola River
At Hoon Lake, B.C.
At Maueray's, Lower Similkameen, B.C.
August Pedy in uniform
Aunt Hilda Mayo and Ben Foster in buggy
Ballast pit near Keremeos
Bank tellers Lorna Strong & Shirley Marven
Barcelo boy on pig
Barcelo children riding pigs
Barcelo corral