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(221) Sigalet sawmill
(254) Park Mt. skidway
(279a) [Ponderosa Pine Sawmill]
(293) Loading logs near Falkland
Alf Hanbury gathering winter fuel
Alver Holm splitting wood the easy way
A.R. Rogers Sawmill logs in backwater on Shuswap River
Baird Bros. logging truck on Cook Creek Road at Angel Creek Falls
Boat near log boom is the M.P.F. by Silver Sands north of C.P.R. Bridge
Charlie Bubar during logging of Bubar property on Mara Lake
Collecting hive from tree
Crew at Lumby Sawmill
Crew at Otter Lake sawmill
Ed Lacey Jr. hauling logs
Enderby Cliffs and logs in Shuswap River
George and Douglas Dale on Shuswap River log drive
Hauling logs by sleigh
Horse drawn sleigh with logs at McCleery Ranch
Horse drawn sleighs loaded with logs for scaling
Horse logging